India Witnesses A Wedding Like No Other: Utsav Tiwari And Maithli Shukla’s Larger-Than-Life Made In India Wedding

 Weddings in India have always been massive but the recent union of Utsav Tiwari and Dr. Maithili Shukla rippled through the community in a never-seen-before magnificence. Planned stage-by-stage over a period of 9 Months it finally culminated in a joyous multi-function wedding that left no stone unturned, with reputed vendors and multiple teams all sourced locally. Their reception, themed ‘Diamonds and Dunes’ in Mumbai itself, spanned across 5 acres of landscape, with more than 10,000 attendees, and unraveled in a larger-than-life glorious floral setting. 

The festivities began with a passion that set the tone for the rest of the wedding. Each function was thought-after, themed, and concisely planned keeping in mind the scale of the wedding. From Bridgerton-themed rummy Mehendi, Sufi Night, Pool Party, Techno Sangeet, Banaras Haldi, and a traditional wedding, each event upscaled the other. The expert planners Mokshiva Wedding and Events & DS Wedding orchestrated this union with an unmatched vision and brilliance. 

But what truly stole the show was the reception. The minute you enter, a breathtaking floral arrangement catches your eye. Efficiently built over 6 months the state-of-the-art stage setup made India’s essence grander. Shimmered with delicate lace accents, every nook and corner of the expanse was covered beautifully by ace photographers Movie’ing Moments with a crew of 35 members. With spellbinding performances by 250 dancers for a magical couple entry, and 360-degree fireworks lighting up the sky, ‘Awe’ is the only term deemed fitting to describe this enchanting spectacle. If this is not called grand then what is! 

With noteworthy performances throughout the wedding such as Sagar ki Qawali by Sagar Bhatia, 56pc symphony band, Vaishali Sardhana, Deejay P-unit, Deejay Justin, and Deejay Nelson, each event was a testament to a world of wonder. As the last notes of music faded into the night and the final sparks of the fireworks dispersed into the darkness, it left a feeling of accomplishment. For truly, Indian creativity, hospitality, and ingenuity when it comes to etching weddings has no bounds. 


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