Snowboard Size Explained What Size Snowboard Do I Need?

Through the article, a reader will be able to understand all about the sizing of a snowboard and what size snowboard should I get if I am an expert level or a beginner level at snowboarding. You can also check out some of the other parts of snowboards that are mentioned for a better understanding of how snowboards work.IntroductionNothing can be as exhilarating as spending a day out on a snowboard through the slopes of a mountain. The snow below and the clear skies with stunning mountain views tend to raise up the spirits. However, if you are wondering what size snowboard should I get then you are at the right place. This guide will help you choose the right snowboard based on your needs. Because choosing a snowboard is more than just picking out one of your favorite colors, it is important to understand the aspects to consider when picking one of the snowboards.

Snowboard Sizing

When you are deciding on getting a snowboard the first and foremost thing to consider will be the weight and height of the snowboard that needs to be used. Snowboards are not measured in inches instead it is measured in centimeters right from tip to tail. By holding a snowboard vertically, the height of the snowboard can be understood. If the snowboard size ranges between your nose and chin then the snowboard is typically your ideal one. This would have been true if the profile and shape considered is the same however nowadays body weight also plays an important role because everyone might have different shape variations.Your boot size is the one that decides how wide your snowboard needs to be. If you have feet larger than a size 11 then you might need a wide snowboard. If the snowboard consists of a width of 255 mm, then it is considered to be wide. You would also need to consider the type of ride you enjoy as that will play an important role in determining the type of snowboard you need to consider. If you are a beginner then you might want to consider a shorter snowboard. Whereas if you love freeriding, carving, or powder then you might want to go ahead with a larger board.

Anatomy of a Snowboard

1. Tip width

The tip width is the measurement of the snowboard at the widest part of the tip.‍

2. Edge

The edges are the part that cuts into the snow like a knife and provides you with more edge hold and control.‍

3. Effective edge

The effective edge can be denoted as the actual edge length of the snowboard which comes in contact with the snow when the board is on an edge. Typically, the effective edge tends to be shorter than that of the snowboard length. A greater number of effective edges indicates better stability and whereas a shorter effective edge might seem a bit loose and make it easier to turn.‍

4. Binding mount pattern

The binding mounts are based on how you attach your bindings to the snowboard. Most of the snowboards will provide 2 X 4 patterns which is one of the most common around modern snowboards.‍

5. Waist width

The waist width is said to be the narrowest part of the snowboard. This part is measured in millimeters. The waist width needs to be roughly equal to the boot size. The snowboards are designed in such a way that your heels and toes are close to the edge of the board.‍

6. Core

The core is said to be the middle of the snowboard. The material used in the core is a mix of different wood types. There are also other materials such as foam added to some of the snowboard cores.‍

7. Sidecut Radius

A sidecut radius is the radius of the snowboard that is created if the curve of the edge was extended out into a complete circle. A smaller number of sidecut radii would indicate a smaller circle. This can be understood by imaging a larger circle vs a smaller circle and laying your snowboard in such a way that it turns around the circle.‍

8. Tail width

The tail width is said to be the measurement of the widest part of the tail of a snowboard.

What Size Snowboard Should I Get?

The first step in finding out the right snowboard will be to check the size of the snowboard which is a perfect match for you based on your height and weight. As snowboarding is highly dependent on the balance and center of gravity which in turn is solely based on your height and weight it is important to choose a snowboard that will match all of the provided descriptions. Apart from these factors, your experience and riding style will also play an important role in selecting the right snowboard.


Based on your height and weight the following options can be checked out.

HTML Table

Rider Height (in) Rider Height (cm) Rider Weight (lb) Rider Weight (kg) Snowboard Size (cm)

5’0 152 100 – 130 45 – 59 139 – 145

5’1″ 155 100 – 140 45 – 64 139-147

5’2″ 157 110 – 150 50 – 68 142 – 150

5’3″ 160 110 – 150 50 – 68 143 – 151

5’4″ 163 110 – 160 50 – 73 144 – 154

5’5″ 165 120 – 170 54 – 77 146 – 155

5’6″ 168 120 – 170 54 – 77/td> 147 – 156

6’0″ 183 140 – 210 64 – 95 156 – 163

6’1″ 185 150 – 210 68 – 95 158 – 164

6’2″ 188 150 – 220 68 – 100 159 – 165

6’3″ 191 160 – 220 72 – 100 162 – 166


Once you are sure about the snowboard length based on style, height, and weight you now need to take care of the width of the snowboard that you’d like to buy. You need to take a look at your feet and if you have feet smaller than average feet size based on your height then you might want to look for a slightly narrow snowboard. However, if you have larger feet size than average feet size based on your height you might want to choose a wider snowboard.Depending on the width of the board you choose, it can affect the entire toe and heel drag. This in turn will slow you down and make it harder to make turns at edges or curves.

How Wide Should My Snowboard Be?

When you choose the right snowboard, you will notice that your snowboard boots will barely hang over the edges of the snowboard without actually touching the snow. In fact, an ideal snowboard width will be such that your toes and heels should overhand your snowboard anywhere from a half inch to one inch. An overhang less actually indicates that your snowboard is quite big for you whereas an overhang greater indicates that you need to buy a snowboard that is wider than the one you own.

Snowboard Width & Boot Size Chart

To understand the width of the snowboard the measurements given below can be taken as a reference. rummy



While it is sure fun to enjoy snowboarding with the arrival of the winter season it becomes hard when it comes to the question of what size snowboard should I get. For the same purpose, this article will help you out choose the right snowboard depending on your height weight, and style.


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